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16 Apr 2014
We are very excited to announce the release of the onCourse 5.0. This is the culmination of over a year of planning and development. Read all about the details of the release here:

10 Apr 2014
A major security flaw was discovered a few days in a key piece of security software called openssl used by more than 60% of websites in the world. This security flaw has caused sysadmins to scramble to apply fixes as quickly as possible.

All onCourse systems were patched for this flaw within 12 hours of the bug becoming public knowledge. We know that major banks in Australia as well as companies like Google and Facebook scrambled also to patch their systems.
17 Dec 2013
A minor release just before Christmas for everyone getting AVETMISS reporting done for the year. If you aren't an RTO needing to report AVTEMISS 6.1 there isn't much here for you to bother with.