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22 Jun 2017

"In our work of leading change in higher education and teaching students and executives about the change management process, we’ve gained a deep understanding of why resistance happens and what leaders can do to overcome it."


22 Jun 2017

"By our estimates, an excess of bureaucracy costs the U.S. economy more than $3 trillion in lost economic output per year. When you look at all 32 countries in the OECD, the cost of excess bureaucracy rises to nearly $9 trillion.

Yet while the incentives for dismantling bureaucracy are substantial, so are the hurdles. Bureaucracy is ubiquitous, familiar, and deeply entrenched. For most managers, bureaucracy is not merely the “safe” choice; it’s the only choice."

14 Jun 2017

"...while the take-up of nationally recognised training by employers has not increased substantially, this type of training is being used in different ways. Rather than organising the delivery of full qualifications to large groups of workers, employers are now using nationally recognised training in more diverse ways, such as delivering training in skill sets for many different groups of workers and being aware of what is available and how it can best be used."