Example Solutions

ish can provide a large range of IT solutions for your business.

Perhaps you need a database driven or e-commerce web site. Or you are looking for tools to expand your business, reduce overheads, or control the information lost in paper files and incompatible computer programs.

Our focus is on producing results rather than endless glossy reports. We measure the success of what we do by the benefit to our clients.


  • File server crashes, is slow or unreliable. Email is not always available or inconsistent. Solution
  • Your network is not protected by a firewall from hackers, worms (such as Code Red), viruses and “script kiddies” trying to access your servers and use your bandwidth to send spam. Solution
  • Information is not being effectively shared between staff in your office. There is too much paperwork and you cannot respond immediately to customers’ requests for information. Solution
  • Information needs to be easily available to your customers and potential customers even outside business hours. Answering requests from customers about price lists, project status, availability, etc. is taking up your time. Solution
  • Computer problems prevent your staff from being properly effective with their time. Aren’t computers supposed to save time? Solution