Solution Example - Business

“Computer problems prevent your staff from being properly effective with their time.”

Aren’t computers supposed to save time?


ish supports Unix or Mac servers, most network appliances and Mac workstations. Because we have specialist skills in Unix, we are well placed to provide high level support of Mac OSX.

Some of our customers have us remotely administer their workstations and servers over an encrypted link. This allows us to diagnose and fix many problems within minutes.


How much value are you getting from your computer equipment? If they are little more than glorified typewriters, then we can evaluate software to make your investment more effective. We can also write custom software to help develop your business.


We use proven Unix servers whenever possible so server reliability is rarely an issue. We can also offer extended warranties on computer hardware.


As the demands of software increase, your hardware needs greater speed. We can rejuvenate computers with upgrades or provide the new hardware as you need it. Other common speed improvements often involve your network: moving to 100Mb/s and gigabit switches within the office and utilising new DSL and ADSL internet connections.