Solution Example - Internet

“Internet access is too slow.”

We can provide high speed internet connection to your office, supply and configure a firewall to keep it secure and set up a VPN (virtual private network) to link your interstate or international offices together securely and inexpensively.

Today, DSL is the dominant technology used to connect small to medium sites to the internet. A Digital Subscriber Line is just like a normal telephone line except that it is digital all the way into the exchange. This allows data transfer speeds of up to 6Mb/s, or roughly 150 times the speed of the fastest modem.

Because DSL can piggy back on top of a normal phone or fax line, you save the cost of renting an additional phone line. There are different ‘flavours’ of DSL, known as ADSL and SDSL. Contact us and we will be happy to explain what is suitable for you.

We advise on the most cost effective services and provide the infrastructure such as firewalls and routers to make it all work. We also deal with the technical people at the ISP to make sure you get the right results.