Solution Example - Security

“Your network is not protected by a firewall from hackers, worms (such as Code Red), viruses and “script kiddies” trying to access your servers and use your bandwidth to send spam.”

Security can be a complex issue, but like locking your house at night, there are some simple techniques that will keep most intruders out. We use encryption algorithms such as 3DES, which have been tested over many years and are the safest known.

Security comes in various forms, including:

  • Preventing access to your data. Firewalls, encrypted remote access, secure passwords and unix based operating systems are some of the most important tools here.
  • Blocking attempts to send viruses, worms or other malicious code. This can be done either in the firewall or in the mail server.
  • Preventing staff from setting up their workstations to share files on the internet (accidentally or otherwise) or accessing sites you consider unreasonable.
  • Educating users in the use of internet services, and the dangers and benefits they can bring.
  • Creating access rights for staff on your file server, such as preventing non-accounts staff from accessing accounting information, or controlling access to database information.

Obviously there are many more.