Solution Example - Web

“Information needs to be easily available to your customers and potential customers even outside business hours. Answering requests from customers about price lists, project status, availability, etc is taking up your time.”

Several years ago only the largest companies could afford dynamic web sites that presented information in real time from an internal database. Today, the cost of technology is much lower and the tools more sophisticated, making it easier and faster to create this type of web site.

We can quickly bring information to your customers using the web. Customers can have password protected areas to view their account details or keep personal site preferences. Online ordering becomes feasible when the web application ties in directly with your accounting and invoicing systems.

Some reasons why a web application may be useful to your business include:

  • 24 hour delivery of information to your customers;
  • information is always guaranteed to be up to date and can include things such as stock levels;
  • reduce workload of your office staff by allowing customers to retrieve information for themselves;
  • allow staff to work from the field, using the web application for placing orders, viewing stock, and so forth;
  • capture orders when the customer is ready to place them, even outside business hours.