Astaro provides a network security solution that is complete, simple to manage, affordable and effective

Protect your company’s private information from intrusion from the outside world.

Save your company time, money and grief by blocking viruses and spam at the perimeter of your network.

Unlike other firewall products, Astaro combines all major features in the one solution.

Astaro integrates the best open source security software to provide the widest range of security technology available in a single package. It has won numerous awards, and is in use on over 20,000 networks in more than 60 countries.

A Complete Network Security Solution

Astaro Security Gateway Software provides six critical security applications:

  • Firewall with stateful packet inspection and application-level proxies, to guard Internet communications traffic in and out of the organisation.
  • Virtual Private Network gateway to assure secure communications with “road warriors”, telecommuters, and remote offices.
  • Virus Protection to defend computers from both email-borne and web-borne viruses.
  • Intrusion Protection to detect and stop hostile probes and application-based attacks.
  • Spam Protection to eliminate the productivity drain of opening and deleting unsolicited emails.
  • Content Filtering to improve productivity by blocking inappropriate activities on the web during working hours.

Astaro also offers a High Availability or failover option, which permits the set up of an extra hot-standby unit that will automatically take over should the primary firewall hardware fail.

Simple to Manage

  • Easy Deployment: All six applications in Astaro Security Gateway Software install in one simple process.
  • Unified Reporting: A complete set of logs and reports helps administrators manage the security environment, pinpoint attacks and problems, and report on results.
  • One-Step Updates: The Astaro Up2Date automated update service provides a single, simple mechanism to update the entire security platform. Updates for all applications and the management platform are downloaded automatically and can be installed at a click by the administrator.
  • Point-and-Click Administration: Astaro’s WebAdmin graphical administration tool (seen below) allows administrators to manage any system over the web via a strongly encrypted link.
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Astaro is a software product so you can easily move to more powerful hardware, add network ports or upgrade your license. Because the hardware is generic and easily obtainable, support and upgrades are simple and inexpensive. Astaro supports SCSI and IDE disks, multl-processor systems and gigbit ethernet.


Astaro Security Gateway Software is remarkably affordable. It provides a low cost of ownership because:

  • Integration costs are eliminated because all six security applications are fully integrated.
  • Training and deployment costs are reduced by the unified installation process.
  • Ongoing management costs are minimised by the integrated design and single update service.

Companies of all sizes can implement a powerful and scalable security solution. Pricing.

Fast Return on Investment

Astaro Security Gateway Software maximises return on investment by improving both security and productivity. Astaro Security Gateway Software:

  • Protects corporate data from theft
  • Prevents damage to data and computers from viruses, worms and other “malware”
  • Keeps servers and networks up in the face of Denial of Service (DoS) and other attacks
  • Helps organisations meet legal and audit requirements
  • Saves employees minutes or hours every day managing unsolicited emails
  • Reduces time wasted on inappropriate web surfing
  • Preserves the confidence of customers, suppliers, and employees


Astaro’s security solution has been tested and proven in practice, with over 20,000 networks in 60 countries.

Open Source software written by leading specialists, and code reviewed by thousands of developers, forms the operational core of Astaro. Astaro has a Linux kernel and utilitises many open source packages such as BIND, Apache, IPSec, OpenSSL, and exim. This collection of software runs the majority of the world’s largest internet servers. It is secure and extremely stable.

The technology in Astaro Security Gateway Software has been widely recognised as among the security industry’s best, winning awards such as “Best Firewall” in the Linux Enterprise Readers’ Choice Awards, and “Best Security Solution” in the LinuxWorld Product Excellence Awards. Reactions from reviewers have included “Excellent” from Infoworld Magazine, “Five Stars” from SC Magazine, and “Highest Possible Grade” (5.0 out of 5.0) from Netverk & Kommunikation Magazine of Sweden.