Astaro is available to download. Why not grab a free trial?

You can download Astaro Security Gateway from here:

Alternatively we can supply Astaro preinstalled on suitable hardware or send you a CD-ROM.

Installation Information

Use your favourite burning-software to create a CD-ROM. How-To Guide for Nero, WinOnCD and CDrWin and Linux. On OSX, insert a blank CD, run /Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility, choose “burn” from the “Images” menu and select the iso file you downloaded.

After you have successfully created the CD-ROM, you can install Astaro Security Gateway Software by simply booting from the CD. You will be asked a couple of simple questions (for which you can choose the defaults if you are just testing), your hard disk will be formatted and Astaro installed.

Hardware Requirements (minimum)

Pentium Class > 500 MHz
128 MB RAM (256Mb preferred)
2 PCI-NICs (for testing, 1 is enough)