Website Accessibility - Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 and additional Resources   17 Jul 2017

We've had a few people ask about website accessibility, so I asked a friend over at NSW Education who works with their Accessibility about the standards, and what resources she recommended for accessibility. Her recommendations are below:

The guidelines are the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0:
Minimum requirements for government agencies is AA, some federal agencies require an AAA

Overcome Resistance to Change with Two Conversations   22 Jun 2017

"In our work of leading change in higher education and teaching students and executives about the change management process, we’ve gained a deep understanding of why resistance happens and what leaders can do to overcome it."

Assessment: Do You Know How Bureaucratic Your Organization Is?   22 Jun 2017

"By our estimates, an excess of bureaucracy costs the U.S. economy more than $3 trillion in lost economic output per year. When you look at all 32 countries in the OECD, the cost of excess bureaucracy rises to nearly $9 trillion.

Yet while the incentives for dismantling bureaucracy are substantial, so are the hurdles. Bureaucracy is ubiquitous, familiar, and deeply entrenched. For most managers, bureaucracy is not merely the “safe” choice; it’s the only choice."

Continuity and change: employers' training practices and partnerships with training providers   14 Jun 2017

"...while the take-up of nationally recognised training by employers has not increased substantially, this type of training is being used in different ways. Rather than organising the delivery of full qualifications to large groups of workers, employers are now using nationally recognised training in more diverse ways, such as delivering training in skill sets for many different groups of workers and being aware of what is available and how it can best be used."

Gamification is the process of adding game elements to learning software   07 Jun 2017

"A trial conducted by University of Glasgow found that gaming improved communication skills, resourcefulness and adaptability."

Careers Australia and Protections for Students   02 Jun 2017

With the recent new about Careers Australian, many students are understandably distressed and frighten their tuition is going down the drain. Careers Australia students may call you seeking help, it's clear from articles and social media that many don't know what happens to a student's training if a Training Provider ceases operations before the end of the student's qualification.

Specialisations for Qualifications   02 Jun 2017
What is a Specialisation?

The Packaging rules have been updated to include specialisations, pre-determined Units of Competency in a qualification that allow a student to specialise in a particular area. They are outlined in the packaging rules of the qualification. Specialisation can also be used in Accredited Courses.

USI Transcript Service Activation Date 22 May 2017   12 May 2017

USI Bulletin 2017/5 has advised that the USI Transcript Service will be activated on Monday, 22 May 2017.

Budget 2017: Students in regional Australia to get study hubs, training scholarships   10 May 2017

"Under the government’s wider changes to the education system, $15.2 million will also be allocated to establishment and operate eight regional study hubs for higher education students in rural and remote areas.

The government has highlighted regional Australia as a key focus for this year’s budget, which also includes major infrastructure projects in regional areas."

Federal Budget 2017: what’s changing in education?   10 May 2017

"The treasurer’s language in announcing this new pot of money appeared to put the onus on states and territories to stimulate apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities.

Apprenticeship commencements have been in decline, particularly in trade occupations.

This decline is part of a long-term trend, and is compounded by the impact of the gig economy and the reluctance of employers and young workers to enter into four-year training relationships."

Budget 2017: Surprise $1.5bn package for vocational education sector   10 May 2017

"Karen Andrews, Assistant Minister for Vocational Education and Skills, said too many young people tended to see ­university as the only post-school option."

Oliv Validation Rules not updated to remove 2017 outcome codes   31 Mar 2017

Oliv is reporting the following fail: "The Year of Enrolment Activity End Date ('01072017') Should be Next Collection Year i.e '2018' for continuing enrolment with Outcome ID of 70 for Delivery Location: '200', Course ID: '', Module/UOC ID: 'CHCORG428A', Client ID: '130930'. Please see attached files for full details."

Oliv validation is not updated with 2017 USI details   27 Mar 2017

Oliv is reporting the following fail: "Unique Student Identifier: SHORT for Client ID: 10241 is invalid. A valid USI must be supplied"

Oliv has not updated their validation rules to the 2017 AVETMISS Reporting Standards. AVETMISS has changed the USI field from a Waring to an Error for 2017 data. NCVER added export values 'INTOFF' and 'SHORT' to the USI field so that exempt students are able to be lodged.

onCourse will autogenerate theses codes for your exports based off the student's enrolment information. You do not need to enter these codes in the USI field.

How to become part of ICT without really trying   23 Mar 2017

I made a career in Education as an Administrator specialising in Admin Systems and processes. Over the last 5 years, I saw the number of roles calling for my skills dwindle. It took some time to figure out why, but my Information, Communication & Technology (ICT) Manager cleared it up for me - my job, which was once considered Admin, was now considered part of ICT. The work I'd been doing for 16 years now called Business Analysis, and I was working on Business Information Systems, not Admin Systems.