Centre of Continuing Education (University of Sydney)

Sydney University has had a thriving short course programme for many years, and when they wanted to enhance their online brand as well as streamline their office processes they chose onCourse. We implemented a site which conformed to the University brand, making it appear completely seamless to a user as they move from one part of the Sydney University online presence to another.

The Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) has made extensive use of the online abilities of onCourse. From Facebook and twitter integration to online email marking campaigns, forms, search, multiple navigation options and much more. They have also been very proactive about embedding images, video and other attachments into their pages to ensure that users have a deep understanding of the courses before they enrol. This improves customer confidence in the course offering, reduces complaints from students who didn’t get what they expected, and improves Google rankings and therefore online traffic.

CCE have onCourse reports feeding into back-end PeopleSoft accounting systems, as well as having built an extensive workflow engine (built in Automate) to implement systems and reduce manual tasks. This includes sending regular reports by email to senior staff, detecting entry errors (eg. courses with too short a description), sending reminders to tutors and students, producing accounting reports to Finance, and much much more.

CCE are one of our lead examples of onCourse customer largely through their sophisticated use of almost all parts of onCourse and the effort they put into online marketing.