Macquarie Community College

Macquarie Community College have recently upgraded to an onCourse website to provide their students with a more modern and simplified online enrolment solution. Macquarie spans a large geographic area in Sydney, from Chatswood, through to Carlingford and across to Richmond and Windsor. They offer many leisure and vocational classes across these locations and with onCourse style course and class groupings, we have been able to remove from their website pages of repeating course descriptions, for example, for the ten different choices of aqua aerobics classes on offer each term.

Their previous online enrolment solution required students to recall a password and had batch style payment processing, prompting many unnecessary calls from students to the college when they couldn’t remember their password, and calls from the college chasing failed payments for students who assumed they had successfully paid on enrolment. Now returning students enrol and pay in a single step simply by entering their name and email address, and real time payment processing has reduced the hassles of credit card payment problems for students and staff alike.