Technical details

The onCourse model

onCourse consists of a client-server model, with a managed service website solution.

You need one server per organisation and a client for each staff member who needs access. There are no ‘per user’ costs or licences for onCourse so you are free to install the client on as many computers, and in as many locations as you need. If you are a small organisation, you may choose to install both the server and client on a single machine – there is no need to buy expensive or dedicated hardware if you don’t need it. And as your business grows, you can move the server as required. The technical specifications for installation are available here

Your onCourse web site is hosted within a data centre so you will never be reliant on your office internet speed or availability for students to enrol in your classes. Your onCourse database is hosted in the your main office or other location of your choice, so your data is always in your hands and under your control.

Tutors and students can access their portals from any web browser, able to update their contact details, view details of their scheduled courses and access their timetables.

Remote access and access control

onCourse has been optimised so that it can run over a remote network (such as a VPN between offices). This means that you can have the server located in your main office, with complete control over your own data, and still allow access to remote sites or employees. It will not be quite as fast, but if your head office has a decent ADSL connection it is very usable for everyday work.

With built in SSL you can be sure your connections are secure.

With user access right and Oracle or SQL databases also available for enterprise grade clients, you can control who has access to what parts of the software and what functions they can perform.

Setting permissions for role groups for onCourse users