AQTF 2010 Compliance

Integrated TGA database

onCourse has built in Qualifications, Accredited Courses, Units of Competency and module detail, downloaded from TGA. This ensures that you have the most up to date competency names and codes to select from, which prevents time wasting typos on certificates and advertising materials. Administrators can select both the Qualifications and Units approved for delivery at your College, adding another level of quality control to your course development process.

Certificates and transcripts

AQF compliant Statements of Attainment, Qualifications and Transcripts are available in onCourse, in conjunction with certificates of attendance for students completing non-accredited training programs. All created certificates are saved and searchable for future record checks or re-issuing.


With the focus in AQTF 2010 on quality indicators, including competency completion rates, the ability to generate accurate AVETMISS records (even if you are not currently required to submit this data) will assist you in providing highly detailed evidence to your STA of your classes delivered and qualifications awarded.

NSW Training Market ePayments compliance

For RTOs delivering SSP and/or ATTP programs, you must be able to export and lodge a modified set of AVETMISS standards to receive your program funding. onCourse makes it easy to lodge the various staged payments, without the need for you to make changes to your data to ensure both compliance with both the ePayment system and normal AVETMISS standards.

Tutor Management

With centralised tutor management, you can set up tutor contact details, link tutors to classes, and contact them by email or SMS. However, you can choose to go much further by attaching files such as resumes and scanned qualifications to their staff records, plus linking them to qualifications and units they are approved to train and/or assess at your college, allowing you to generate up-to-date tutor matrices at the click of a button. As an administrator, should you choose to turn on scheduling restrictions, you can add an additional dimension of quality control by ensuring only tutors approved to train or assess a particular unit are able to be linked classes that contain that unit.