Completely automatic web site updates

Because ish onCourse has been written as one comprehensive system, updating your web site is completely painless. Every time you make a change to any course or class details those changes are automatically uploaded to your web site in the background. As courses are filled, the web site shows prospective students that places are limited, and the information about enrolments ends up straight back in the onCourse database you use in the office.

A huge amount of effort has been spent by our programmers to make the uploading and downloading of information (the replication) foolproof so that you don’t have to worry about it. Replication was designed by ish to work perfectly even after your internet connection has been offline for a while (say, because your ISP had an outage). It was designed to not require high performance internet links, so you can use very low cost ADSL. Because you aren’t hosting the web site in your office, you don’t need to invest in expensive, high performance, high reliability internet connections (such as SHDSL which are typically $400 / month and up). You don’t need servers which provide 24×7 web access for students. You don’t need backup power and generators to assure high reliability web site service. You don’t need a 24 hour climate controlled server room.

All you need are the computers you own today and a simple server (possibly shared on your existing server) to run ish onCourse. And a plain, simple low-cost internet link. We provide the rest.

Key features

  • automatic uploads to web site every time you make a change
  • resilient to outages in your internet connection
  • does not require a high speed connection
  • automatic download of new enrolments and students from web site
  • since you aren’t serving the web site from your office, you don’t need to supply, support or service data-centre quality links and equipment
  • our data centre is constantly monitored and supported by experienced Unix system administrators. It has 24 hour airlock security, temperature control, diesel power backup, halon gas fire control and its own electricity sub-station.
  • separate monitoring systems at ish check the availability of every web site every 15 minutes. Any outage is notified to our support staff by SMS.