onCourse for Coordinators

Are you considering moving from a paper-based or other software system and wondering how onCourse can improve efficiencies in your office?

Quickly supply students with class information

Over the phone, front counter or via your website, easy navigation is a given. Simple yet powerful query engines help you and your customers find the data you are looking for. Multiple windows, drag and drop, and clairvoyant fields making entering data simple and let you multi-task with ease.
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Tracking enquiries and areas of interest

Students and other contacts within onCourse can be tagged with a range of identifiers to assist you in following up their enquiries in the future. Simple to subscribe to mailing lists, both in the office and on the web, let customers register for updates and new course information.
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Adding interested students to waiting lists

Customer not willing or able to commit to enrolment just yet? Or are you waiting on sufficient interested parties before you commit to scheduling an extra class? With waiting lists, you can ensure that students register their interest and are available for contact when conditions become suitable for them to enrol. At a glance you can see how many students have expressed interest in a course, and at a press of a button, contact them to see if they would like to proceed to enrolment.

Self service and online enrolments

The beauty of a website is that you are not limited to the amount of information you provide prior to enrolment. Once a student has read your comprehensive overviews, real time enrolments and a 24/7 credit card gateway ensure that their payments reach you immediately. Colleges using onCourse find their time answering simple questions like ‘how do I get to my class’ and data entering student information greatly reduced, allowing time to be put to better use solving more complex enquiries.
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Enrolling students in multiple classes

Need to enrol a student in multiple classes? Or perhaps you are enrolling many students in one class? All this is, plus combinations of both, are easy to do in quick enrol – one window, plenty of options, with a clear summary showing who is enrolling where and paying for what. Clairvoyant fields quickly find you contact and courses. New students can be created, current students’ details updated, enrolments into advertised classes, custom or one-on-one training made, and suggestions for other classes are given if their choice of class is full or cancelled – all in one magical place.
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Taking payments

With built in credit card processing, a full general ledger, invoicing, banking and reconciliation, onCourse’s payment tracking and processing functions are sure to keep your accountant happy. And they are as integrated as possible – enrolments automatically create invoices, which can be paid immediately or in the future, by the student enrolling or another agency. Cheques and cash taken are noted against the administrative venue, allowing banking to take place on an office-by-office basis, for our customers with multiple enrolment venues. Flexible XML reporting allows you to feed your onCourse financial data to external accounting software too.
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Sending invoices, receipts and enrolment confirmations

Create your templates and use the built in email or print reports to send the information immediately on enrolment. Invoices may be fully paid (receipts) or show a balance outstanding. Reprints can be made as needed and aged debtor reports used to follow up slow payers.
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Keeping track of enrolments and vacancies

A range of reports have been included in onCourse to help you keep track of everything you need to monitor, including class feasibility – are there sufficient students enrolled to make the class viable? Quick overviews in onCourse list views give you an immediate summary of class information, plus advanced queries allow you to find information quickly.
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Applying concessions to enrolment fees

If you offer special prices to students based on concepts such as concession cards, membership or other criteria, the flexibility of onCourse allows you to define both the concession type, record who has that type of concession – it’s number and expiry date, what value and classes the discount applies to, and if it appears on your website and is available for online enrolments. Set it up, and let it take care of its self! No need for you and the team to remember every type of discount offered and what it applies to.
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Making the database fit your business

Set up your database the way you want it with custom fields and flexible tagging of records. For both navigation and grouping of records for efficiency, we give you the tools to make software that works the way you do. Each of your staff can have their own logins, their own layout preferences, their own most used queries and access rights that match their job role.
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Keeping on top of classes financial viability

Every class has the option of line by line budget items that allow you to see, based on how many enrolments you predict and how many enrolments there are right now, what the bottom line looks like. Think of it as a built in spreadsheet on steroids – every time you take an enrolment, change the timetable or switch the tutor, all your related class costs automatically update, giving you the right information you need to decide if a class goes ahead or is postponed.
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Built in tools for Registered Training Organisations

If your an RTO, then finding a software solution that meets your business needs as well as your government reporting needs is of primary importance. Relax, because onCourse has you covered with built in TGA data, AVETMISS reporting, traineeships management, AQTF 2010 compliance and a whole heap of industry based acronyms that you’re looking for. We speak your language.
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These are some examples of organisations who have benefited from the implementation of ish onCourse.

We offer our software free to download and evaluate so you can ensure it is the right solution for your business before making a financial commitment to the additional services we offer.

We also offer all the software user manuals free to download or read online at any time. We can also deliver customised on site training to assist you with the transition process.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your businesses requirements further.