Online Enrolment

The onCourse database can be used as a stand alone administrative tool, but it’s real power becomes apparent when you team it with an onCourse website and enrolment engine.

There are plenty of shopping cart products that will allow you to advertised your product and collect money from purchasers. But onCourse is no generic eCommerce solution. We built our product from the ground up with one idea in mind – how can we help our colleges sell more enrolments?

Make it simple for students

Students want to quickly find their course then give you money. The advanced search algorithms are all about the class data. What is the closest course to me? What can I study on weekends or evenings? And of course category and keyword based searching are all in there too.

Once a student has found their class, at a glance they can see all the pertinent information. When, where, how much, who’s teaching it, are there places left? If they are happy with this, they can jump straight into the enrolment process. If they want to know more, they can read your detailed description. Student not available at the time the class is advertised? They can add themselves to the wait list instead so you have their details.

Once into the enrolment process, three simple questions – first name, last name and email address – will determine if they are a new or existing customer. No passwords to remember or rarely remembered student numbers, just stuff they will know. If it’s a match, then bang, they go straight through to payment. If not, we ask a few more questions about their contact details (you can choose to make some of these mandatory or hidden for your college) and then on to payment. At this point they can always add another student or another class or perhaps access one of your discount options to reduce their fee.

Payments are processed securely in real time, and within the same website so students aren’t spat off to another provider. Students are only confirmed as enrolled if their payment is processed, otherwise they are prompted to try again. All payments are deposited directly into your bank account at the end of each day and all data from enrolling students, including their invoices and payments, is visible to you immediately via the onCourse admin interface.

We also aim to make the process simple for college administrative staff too. Your website is set-and-forget. You don’t need to remember to remove a class from sale when all the places are full, or when the class is over – it’s taken care of automatically.

There is no need to log into the website to download reports or information about students and payments – everything just appears in your onCourse admin interface as it is processed, along side students who enrol the old fashioned way.

Are you ready to start taking online enrolments now?

Image: Advanced search options for finding the right class quickly

Online enrolments easier with advanced search