Communication tools

With built in email, SMS and postal mail tools contacting your students is simple and efficient. This means that not only can you quickly contact all students who studied with you last term, or quickly reschedule a class when the tutor calls in sick, but that a full history of all these messages are stored right in the students’ records.

Advanced queries allow you effective marketing opportunities such as contacting all previous student who enrolled in French 1 so you can notify them of an upcoming French 2 class. In combination with discount codes you can quickly and efficiently promote courses to your students with special prices for returning students, last minute discounts to fill empty seats or special price policies for members.

With XML exporting of courses and classes your onCourse database can be quickly turned into a hard copy brochure and names and addresses easily de-duped and extracted for mail distribution.

On your website, students can subscribe to mailing lists or course waiting lists. Even if they are not ready to enrol right now, you can capture their contact details and areas of interest so you can continue to communicate with them via their preferred method.

No spam please

Students have the option to opt out of all marketing communication from your organisation, or from a particular method of marketing such as SMS. However, if you have urgent information to convey, such as a class cancellation, you are still able to use your communication tools to contact them quickly while respecting their request not to receive unsolicited marketing emails or SMS.

Students can also managing their mailing list subscriptions via their student portal.

Image: An email campaign ready to be sent to students on the mailing list

Email marking campaign using built in messaging tools