We like to operate as a ‘strategic partner’, identifying new ways to run your business, save time or allow you to deliver better service.

We support your business in several main ways:

  • Technical onsite support
  • Technical phone and VPN (remote access) support: Much of our support is done remotely using SSH, PC Anywhere, Timbuktu or Apple Remote Desktop over secure VPN connections, and of course by phone and email. This means that we can securely connect to your computers and make changes, often while you are still on the phone, and at costs lower than coming onsite.
  • Presales support: the best time to solve problems is by anticipating them before they happen. We would far rather get it right the first time – we don’t believe in that kind of repeat business!

We aim to increase your success, profit and reliability.

We provide support in the following areas:

  • servers (FreeBSD, Linux, OSX Server)
  • hardware
  • mail servers (CommuniGate Pro, mailman)
  • web and ftp servers (Apache, awstats, proftpd)
  • database servers
  • workstations (OS9 & OSX)
  • firewalls (Astaro)
  • networking (routers, switches, cabling, DSL, etc)
  • many software packages including accounting, graphic design, broadcast video, etc.

squish task system

ish has an online task tracking system to help ensure that none of your problems big or small get lost in the cracks.

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