onCourse web

The onCourse web system is a powerful sales tool customised to look and work the way you do.

One of the most important features of ish onCourse is its seamless web integration. There are no buttons to press to upload data, no copying and pasting, and manual processes. All your course information is online within minutes, continuously updated as you make changes in ish onCourse. The web site is yours: a customised and branded site for your college. We will work with your designer to ensure the site built meets your brand requirements.

The power of a website means you have unlimited capacity for how much information you can provide to students to assist them in selecting the class that is best for them. You can attach enticing images, pdfs or other files to course or class descriptions, such as ’what to bring’ lists or sample software files that accompany course textbooks. When you set up your courses and classes, you can choose when go live and advertise them on the web, class by class. Once you have given advertising approval, the rest happens with out you having to worry about it. Change course description, times or locations, your website changes automatically (in 15 minutes or less).

Places left in classes update continuously. As classes approach their maximum enrolment numbers, your site reflects this by changing from displaying ‘places available’ to show how many places are left, creating a sense of urgency for potential enrolments. Once classes are full, students have the option to add themselves to a waiting list to take up any cancelled places or for the next class on offer.

We will host, support, backup and monitor your web site to ensure that it is always running at maximum efficiency. As enrolments are made on your web site they are automatically transferred into ish onCourse, making it easy for you to see the status of each class. The integration between ish onCourse and your web site is one of the most compelling features of ish onCourse and the most advanced online enrolment integrated system available today.

Your web site is able to offer a range of core functionality:

  • complete information about courses, classes, tutors and locations
  • real time information about class vacancies, with a countdown for 5 and less places
  • images (course photos, location maps, tutor headshots, etc)
  • rich text (bold, bullets, headings, etc within all descriptive text)
  • advanced search based on education-relevant options (time of day or day of week, location of venue, cost)
  • waiting list options for courses with no classes, or where the student is not available for the current class
  • google maps integration for venues and directions
  • social media integration with facebook and twitter ect via addthis
  • online enrolment engine allowing multiple students to enrol in any number of courses within a single payment
  • shopping basket concept
  • smart detection of previously enrolled student to avoid cluttering your database with duplicate students
  • real time credit card payments
  • promotional codes which display discounts on appropriate courses while the student is browsing the courses
  • google analytics integration and SEO optimised HTML for improved search engine results
  • built-in CMS for managing display preferences and adding additional content, pages and menus

In addition, there is functionality for students to log into the site:

  • students can see enrolment history
  • students can update their personal contact and AVETMISS details
  • students can access additional resources and communicate with tutors from their current classes

Tutors are given their own login to the site:

  • tutors can view upcoming classes to which they are allocated, even before they are displayed live on the web site
  • tutors can ‘approve’ a class as having the right information and dates. This approval is then sent back into onCourse for the college to see.
  • tutors can see current enrolment numbers and mark class rolls
  • tutors can subscribe to their calendar feed and get continual feeds of their existing and new teaching sessions as you create them

Some examples of our sites are: