Student Management

Student self service

All students in onCourse who provide you with an email address are provided with a personalised log in to your SkillsOnCourse web portal.

Once logged in, students can update their contact details, view their past enrolments and the outcomes of their accredited courses and subscribe to a calendar feed with all their class session details. They are also able to add or remove themselves from any course waiting lists or mailing lists.

If they forget their password, they can have it emailed to them direct from your website.

With real time online enrolments, any student who has enrolled at your college previously only needs to provide their name and email address to re-enrol. They do not need to log in and can not see any other contact details at enrolment. This way, students can enrol themselves and a friend in a single transaction, and if both the student and friend are a past students of your college they do not need to know all the contact details for their friend, nor can any student access another students contact details. Any new student can enter their contact details during enrolment. Our aim is to make the enrolment process as simple as possible while ensuring the privacy and security of your students.

Manage your most valuable asset with tools for marketing, AVETMISS, sales and enrolment tracking

Students are the core of your business. Your student list is probably your most valuable asset, so you need to keep on top of it. ish onCourse ensures that data is validated in real time during entry and that you have a multitude of ways to access your students.

Contacts in the database can be students, tutors, companies or prospective students. By collecting data from mailing lists, course waiting lists and enrolments a picture of a student’s interests and enrolment habits is built. Relationships between contacts let you keep track of employers and their staff, or members of other organisations you work with, allowing you to focus your marketing to the people most likely to be interested in your products.

Powerful multi-part query functions and tagging options assist you in locating and working with large groups of people for marketing or management purposes.

An advanced de-duplication mechanism allows you to quickly merge records you know belong to the same student, without losing valuable data.