Cost benefits

What onCourse can do

Our initial work for The University of Sydney Continuing Education in mid 2000 and Sydney Community College in early 2003 created an opportunity to deploy the same web system for several other colleges: Bankstown Community College, Eastern Suburbs Community College, Macarthur Community College, Mosman Community College, St George & Sutherland Community College, Parramatta College, The School of Colour and Design, The Juan Rando Dance Academy and CIT Solutions, Canberra. We have built an ideal platform on which to run your college, track students and enrolments, export AVETMISS, and provide an integrated web site and marketing system.

Financial benefits of the ish onCourse system

When ish first implemented a new website for Sydney Community College, online enrolments increased from 18% to 42% in the first six months and to 65% in 2006. The web site went from an initial 50,000 page views per month to 100,000 six months later and in 2007 peaked at over 200,000 per month. These figures indicate direct savings. Every student who uses the web site saves one or more phone calls to administration staff. As each call takes an average of 4 to 6 minutes, this indicates an enormous saving to the college. A saving of 96 calls a day is equivalent to a full time staff member. Add to this the time and money spent on staff data entry of mail and fax enrolments and the savings can be enormous.

More than just the saving of staff time when taking phone and mail enrolments, the web site also serves as an information tool. In general, for every successful enrolment administration staff take approximately 12 calls. Many of these general enquiries can be fulfilled through the web site.

Because credit card payments are processed automatically by our system, both human error and credit card fraud problems are reduced. This automatic processing also simplifies accounting.

Postage and phone call costs (especially to mobiles) are reduced. For example, when a course is cancelled, students can automatically be sent an email and/or an SMS informing them. Students can use their web login to update their personal details. This saves a phone call from the student every time they change address or phone number.

Printing costs can be reduced since the college catalogue or brochure can become a more focussed marketing tool and not purely an exhaustive list of every course, location and date.

Our web system is extremely easy to use and replicates all of the relevant information about courses found in ish onCourse. This could be considerably more detailed than your current web site.