Boring statistics reporting made… less boring

AVETMISS is a pretty dull topic. Wouldn’t you rather be reading about exciting things like student marketing or tutor management? ish onCourse just works: press one button and out will come all the files ready to be sent to your favourite government authority. There, that’s about all you need to know.

Whether it’s traineeship reporting, funded courses or whole of business reporting, there is an export option to suit you at the enrolment, class or date range level.

ish takes responsibility for keeping ish onCourse updated to work with whatever standards are current at the time. We ensure that you don’t have to fudge your precious data to make it export correctly. All of NCVER‘s fun little rules (students can’t be over 95 years old or work full time and still be at school, students can’t study the same module twice in one year, etc) are taken care of for you. So you don’t have to mess with your precious data to keep the authorities happy.

ish onCourse comes with all training packages, qualifications, accredited courses, units of competency and modules built-it. This means it is very easy to set up your VET courses. All this data is updated automatically so you don’t have to check that the Field of Education ID or spelling of each Unit of Competency is correct – it’s TGA data at your fingertips.

Most importantly of all, we’ve written ish onCourse to work the way colleges work, not to force you to operate a data collection business for the government and somehow fit a marketing and enrolment system around that. AVETMISS is certainly there, but we try to make it as invisible as possible while still reporting everything that is required.

Each state around Australia uses a variation of AVETMISS for their own reporting. We make sure we keep onCourse up to date with these variations too, so all you have to do is choose the State Training Authority you are reporting to. We have provided detailed user documentation to show where each field you need is located in onCourse and how to get your data out.

CCQI Reporting

The new AQTF 2010 requirement – Competency Completion Quality Indicator report is already built in to onCourse, so when your RTO is asked to report your annual enrolment and completion statistics you can press a button and hand them over. Easy as.

Image: Built in TGA data sets for error reduced AVETMISS reporting