Communication and Sales

Marketing is the key to keep existing students and gaining new ones. onCourse is focussed on selling courses. This is different to many university or school enrolment systems with an emphasis on the administrative enrolment process. For example, you don’t need to start an enrolment by finding a student or adding their details to the system. You can start by easily answering questions about courses, places available and timetables; once your student is comfortable with your offerings you can quickly find them in your existing database or add them as an enrolling student or a prospective student on a waiting list or mailing list.

ish onCourse has been written from a marketing perspective right from the start. The demographic and enrolment history you build of your students provides an easy way to drill down into your data to create targeted marketing groups. Custom and hierarchical tagging structures allows you to create and define your own marketing segments. When students enrol or subscribe to mailing lists or waiting lists, the system automatically sends them confirmation information by email. This is a simple starting point for encouraging students to continue to interact with the college through your web site and by email, and to continue to expect useful information from you by email. Built in SMS, email and snail mail tools allow you search for and contact students when you need to, for informational or marketing purposes, with the history of all messages sent stored in their student record.

To further encourage sales, tools like discounts, promotional codes and the sale of membership deals will open new opportunities to fill the final seats of classes or encourage returning customers. All the discount options can also be available to students enrolling online.

By integrating onCourse directly into your web site, it is absolutely trivial to add a new course or modify existing course information, even in the middle of term. By tightly linking your web site to your enrolment system, your web site is always up to date.

If a prospective student isn’t ready to enrol right away, they can always add themselves to a specific course waiting list instead, or if their area of interest is broader, say in history or cooking, they could subscribe to an regular mailing list where you keep them up to date on your latest course offerings. onCourse gives you a two fold power – a way to meaningfully gather and collect student and potential student contact details, and the tools you need to continue the conversation with them.

Image: An example of a onCourse website showing detailed course descriptions