Venue Management

Keeping track of where everything is

In ish onCourse, you can easily add sites and locations, and keep track of where everything is, including creating Google maps for your website.

Training venues are grouped into sites and rooms. Each site can have many rooms, and the site itself will have a physical address plus latitude and longitude details to generate an accurate google map for your website. The tool to generate this data is available here

In addition to this information, you can add your own details about accessing the site, like specifying the driving directions, parking information or public transport access. You can include internal notes about the venue and attach resources like evacuation plans and OH&S reports for your management team.

Each room you create can also contain this information plus the ability to define the seat availability. This will assist you in class scheduling, as you will be notified if you try to set a class maximum enrolment number that is greater than the room’s seated capacity.

Each site and room also has their own timetable which can also be used to add unavailability information or record information about external bookings. A range of printed reports can be used to assist your venue coordinators and set up training facilities with reports like door signs or weekly use reports.