onCourse has an integrated, shared calendar which makes it a snap to schedule classes, rooms and tutors.

It is very easy in onCourse to add ‘sessions’ to any class, even to create repeating timetables in one go. The resulting timetable can be viewed by month, week, day or day of week (for example, showing two months of Mondays). It can also be viewed from the perspective of a tutor, course, class, site or room – this makes it easy to examine clashes and juggle classes around for best fit.

Sessions can contain a wealth of information. In the simplest class sense, sessions may be in the same room, with the same tutor and repeat on the same day of the week for ten weeks. More complex variations can also be handed – multiple tutors per session, or different tutors for various class sessions, sessions at different venues and sessions of different length. Scheduling off site activities like excursions into the timetable makes sure all students and tutors know where and when they should be places. The resulting session data then becomes a valuable resource for creating information like class rolls, hourly costings for budget line items and payroll information.

Unavailability, or external bookings for tutors, rooms, sites and the whole of business can also be entered to avoid resource clashing. This can be global, like public holidays, where all resources are marked as unavailable, or specific to a particular point in time e.g. a staff member who is off site attending professional development activities.

If you have an onCourse website, your students are also able to see timetables for each subject category and for each individual class, with pop ups giving full details and links to more information.

Once tutors are assigned to classes, and when students have enrolled, they can log in via their personal web portals to subscribe to an iCal calendar feed. This means that they can import their scheduled classes into their outlook. Gmail or other calendar and with live feeds, if you reschedule a class or change the room, their calendar automatically updates.

You can also view your college’s overall programs, or sessions, by subject grouping to see what your overall scheduled delivery plan is like for a given day, week or month.