Activating advanced onCourse features

How do I enable the advanced features of onCourse?

Now that you are running ish onCourse, you can easily extend its capabilities by contacting us and enabling:

  • An automatically updated website that is capable of web enrolments
  • Credit card processing (via website and onCourse client)
  • Delivery of SMS messages to students, tutors, classes or any contact with a mobile number within onCourse.
  • Budgeting
  • Access control
  • External database choices

To do this you’ll need to contact ish for a user name and password to activate those features. You will be able to enter those details in your preferences within onCourse and your website will be automatically updated.

Further information about the ish onCourse website option can be found here.

For further detail regarding the services available and pricing options for these features, please go to the PDF available on the pricing page