Pricing FAQ

Why are you giving away ish onCourse for free?

We believe that there is a broad need in the industry for a reliable and expandable enrolment system that focusses on the marketing aspect of selling courses. There is also a real benefit of creating a community of users who can share their experience of administrative systems, leaving them more time to focus on creating and selling top quality courses.

No really, how do you pay your staff?

There are some advanced features of onCourse which will incur costs, such as student and tutor portals, budgeting and access control. In addition, we offer the option of a comprehensive web site for colleges which integrates directly with onCourse. Some other services like automated credit card processing and SMS have a per transaction fee. But you don’t have to use any of these things if you don’t want to.

So I can just download and use this thing?


What if I’m a really big educational institution needing to do 100,000 enrolments per year?

No problem. ish onCourse is designed from the outset to scale upward. We can easily attach one of many SQL backend databases to suit your needs.

And this thing will work if I only process 100 enrolments?

Absolutely. We have integrated a high quality database server from IBM within the product in a way that requires no knowledge of SQL, ODBC or any other acronym. You just run the application and start working.

But I’d like some guarantee from you that you will help me out when I get stuck

Standard support contracts are also available so if you’d like regular email or phone support, contact us to discuss which plan would best suit your needs. We also deliver regular training training at our Sydney offices and can provide a quote for onsite training. All the user documentation is publicly available here which will guide you through setting up onCourse and using it to run your business.

Can I still export AVETMISS data using the free product?

You sure can. You can also export all your students, courses and classes in XML format any time if you want to move to a different enrolment product – you don’t have to ask us, or pay us, first.

What if I don’t want to give you any money, ever?

You are free to use your own web site, send SMS in another way and process credit cards through an EFTPOS terminal. You will incur fees to do these things from other providers, but not from us. onCourse works fully without any of the fee-for-service options. For example, you can use email instead of SMS to contact your tutors, use an EFTPOS terminal to process your credit cards and continue to use your existing website which you update manually, and separately to onCourse.

Why do I need a service contract to use SMS and take credit card payments?

Both of these features require us to set up gateways with third party providers that are specifically for your organisation. We don’t take the money from your enrolments and then pass it on – it goes straight from the student’s bank account to yours. You are then billed for the enrolments you process – we don’t garnish your transactions.

At this point we do not want to use our web site to take enrolments. Can this be changed later on if we chose to use this method?

The web enrolment option can be added any time you choose. You can also move between contracts as your business grows.

How does the website pricing work?

Because we charge a sliding percentage of your web enrolments, even a small college can afford to have a professional web presence. We only charge a fee on web enrolments, not your total enrolments. This means that your costs are proportional to the saving of wages for your phone enrolment staff and to our success in delivering a quality web site. Our goal is to provide you with a powerful marketing tool which will build your business.

How does onCourse compare to other e-commerce systems?

onCourse is a bespoke software product for short course education providers, designed from the outset to work the way you do. Remember that the onCourse database is fully integrated with the web site, so you never have to double data entry. It all just works – set up and forget. There a plenty of other off-the-shelf e-commerce systems out there and of course you should shop around for the best product for your business. In comparison, make sure you take into account your time to set up and maintain yet another IT system, the time of manually entering payments into your internal database and any additional hosting costs you might incur. Our fees are all inclusive – included are the costs of hosting your site in a secure data centre, 24/7 monitoring, SSL certificates, web design and set up, purchase of a static IP address, and ongoing support and product improvements.

Do I have to purchase the onCourse Support Plan with the onCourse Web Plan?

You can purchase the onCourse Support Plan by itself. If you require a website to be integrated with onCourse, you will need to purchase both.

If my Plan is up for renewal and I notify ish that I would like to pay the annual fee upfront (instead of monthly), when does the renewal date begin?

The renewal date will not commence until we have received payment.