onCourse website setup process and options

Two levels of website setup options are available across the four onCourse website plans. Please contact us to discuss the plan that would be most suitable to your requirements.

In all cases, an initial interview with our web designer will take place to determine your design preferences. You will have the opportunity to provide feedback and make modifications as part of the initial setup process while the website is under creation. The process is known as ‘staging’ and will allow you to upload onCourse courses and classes, add pages and experiment with the site structure. When you sign off on the website design, your site will be transferred to your URL, complete with the pages you have created and your onCourse data.

onCourse website Starter and Standard plans: Basic Template Styling

This allows you to change most of the look of your site, adding colours, images, logos and much more to brand the site in keeping with your identity. In the initial setup we’ll help you create the basic styles with images and colours:

  • Your selection of colour scheme e.g. background colour, font colours, menu colours
  • Import of your logo
  • Creation of a page header and footer
  • Placement of a secondary image or block

You need to supply all images, logos and colours to us. In addition, you will be able to change content at any time with:

  • Content Management System (CMS) access to enable you to add pages, content, menu items and blocks. This is easy enough to use that you don’t need any knowledge of html, css or web design.
  • FTP access to enable you to make future design changes. We recommend this be done by an experienced website designer.

onCourse website Premium and Platinum plans: Advanced Customisation

Our web templates are capable of being extensively modified throughout the site. This means that you can change the way course text is displayed, which pieces of information are displayed and in what order. The same goes for sites, tutors and pretty much any other page throughout the site. The advanced customisation gives you the power to control these templates and your FTP access will let you create and edit templates at any time. You will need to supply your current branding and style guides and will style your website to meet your design requirements.

During your initial site setup, advanced customisation includes making all the changes you request to the look, layout and styling. For future changes, our templating system is extremely flexible and powerful, so you’ll want to engage someone with a solid understanding of web design. ish can also provide these services for you.

Additional services

Here at ish we can provide a range of design services from a full branding and marketing plan through to ad hoc changes of your web site. In our basic website setup cost we don’t include things such as Flash design, corporate branding or ongoing design changes to your site. However we’d be happy to speak to you about the various design services we offer.