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Managing studios, trainers, students and fees is a time consuming activity for any dance school owner. We know that you started your business because you wanted to share your passion for performance with students, not intending to spend your days shuffling paper and making endless phone calls. Recent research in small businesses shows that up to 70% of leads are lost before they reach a sale, often because there is no centralised tracking of enquiries, sales history and customers areas of interest.

Choosing software to manage this part of your business is a major decision, and you want to be sure that you are choosing a product that is tailored to your industry. ish has sixteen years experience working in the performing arts and education sectors, and in 2007 released our onCourse enrolment software for free.

onCourse is a powerful solution for trainer and studio timetabling, class bookings, student fee payments, memberships, marketing and much more. Used by leading short course providers nation-wide, we process over 120,000 enrolments a year. With recent features designed to add specialised functions for our dance studios, we are confident our product will be the answer to your administration headaches.

If you want to take onCourse to the next level for only a small cost you can advertise your classes online all day, every day where students can view up-to-the-minute enrolment availabilities, book and pay for their class. Your website is managed by the onCourse software in your office, so once you create a class, it is available immediately online to accept enrolments. Couldn’t be easier! If you don’t want to work weekends and in the middle of the night, you can put our software to work instead. Currently, 37% of all enrolments taken over our websites occur outside of normal business hours. Are these enrolments you can afford to lose?


onCourse has integrated capability to send emails and SMS to your students and instructors one at a time or thousands at once. You can use this to quickly notify a class that their dance instructor is sick or to send them a special offer for enrolling in a new set of classes. Are you losing too many students going from level one to level two? Perhaps a targeted special discount with a time limit would make the difference. onCourse makes that easy to do.


With an integrated graphical timetable, room bookings are a snap. Online, students and instructors can subscribe to their customised calendar and see exactly when to show up.

Online enrolments

Because you don’t have staff to sit by the phone all day and night waiting for it to ring, onCourse allows students to enrol themselves online at any time. onCourse customers are now taking up to 75% of their enrolments online, equating to a huge cost saving in staff time. Customer satisfaction has also improved, as they no longer need to queue to enrol on open days. Automation of invoicing and enrolment confirmations by email equals saved time and less paper shuffling. Your onCourse website can include as much pre-course advertising as you like, such as trainer profiles, pictures and video, session-by-session course overviews, links to other pages or external websites, competition information and results and public transport and car directions to your venues with integrated google maps. our customers have found that the simplicity of adding more information to their website has increased enrolments and reduced phone calls for simple instructions like “which room do I go to?”.

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