Mac OS X

You need to download both the server and client for onCourse to work.

onCourse Server Download and Installation for Mac OS X

  1. Download the server version for Mac OS X
  2. You will have the option to open the zip file or save it to your computer. Select your preferred option.
  3. Mount the disk image by double clicking on it. Copy onCourseServer from the window that pops up into your “Applications” folder.
  4. Double click on the server application OnCourseServer.exe to start it

For new users: If this is the first time that you’ve run onCourse server, you will be prompted to either create a new database from scratch or run with a sample database. Using the sample database will let you get a feel of the OnCourse software with some pre-populated data, like Courses, Classes, Tutors and Students. Selecting New File will let you start adding your own data for your College. We recommend you select the Sample File database to use until you get the hang of OnCourse. It’s easy to remove the sample database when you are ready to start using your own data. Which ever option you choose, will be asked to choose a location to store the database. The location can be anywhere on your computer where you wish to keep the data and can be changed later. OnCourse will create a folder called OnCourse.iocdata wherever you choose to store your data file.

For existing users: If you already have created a data file during a previous installation of OnCourse, you will not be asked to create a new data file. OnCourse will continue to use your previous data file unless you have moved or deleted it. If OnCourse does not automatically find your data file it will ask you to select from the three options. Choose Existing File and point it to the storage location of your data file.

onCourse Client Download and Installation

  1. Download the client for Mac OS X You can put it on the same computer as the server or a different computer
  2. You will have the option to open the zip file or save it to your computer. Select your preferred option
  3. Mount the disk image by double clicking on it. Copy onCourseClient from the window that pops up into your “Applications” folder
  4. Double click on the client application OnCourse.exe. to run it (you need to have the server already running)
  5. The initial username is “admin”. Enter the password “admin”
  6. Click the on the “advanced” button to see the server details
  7. Click on “Find Server” button that appears, then click “login”

By default, the host appears as “localhost” and the port as 8181. If the login failed, you will need to manually find the host name or IP address of the computer you started ish onCourse Server. If they are running on the same computer, you can use “localhost”. If the server is on another computer, it might have an IP address which looks like “”. You can find the IP address in “System Preferences > Network” on a Mac.

If you start the OnCourse client before the OnCourse server has finished loading, you will get an error message. If it your first time starting the server, it may take a few minutes as the data file populates. Check the the status of the server, wait a few minutes and try again.

Once you have successfully logged in to OnCourse, see the Administrator Guide on how to get started using the software to get started with the software