Case studies

Meet some colleges who have saved tens of thousands of dollars from ish technology.

We work with a range of colleges who have utilised ish technology. In some cases the colleges have been able to reduce telephone staff and save many thousands of dollars, in others they have redeployed those staff to marketing roles working to build the profile and attendance of the college. By making course information accessible on the web, customer service staff can more effectively spend their time assisting students and tutors with complex enquires beyond when, where and how much is that course. More details of the solution we developed for Community Colleges is available here

Although our focus has been on web systems, some colleges have also benefitted from marketing (for example mass SMS and email) and reporting (for example AVETMISS reporting) systems we have created.

With ish technology, students can check course details, availability of places and enrol 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. Tutors can log in and check course publishing details and suggest changes to the advertised description. Administration staff can streamline the management of hundreds of courses and tutors, and thousands of students.

Some of the colleges utilising ish technology include:

Further benefits of our systems can be found here