Software that works the way you do

Did you ever want to a program to classify information in a way that was specific to your business, but found that involved expensive modifications to the software? Not so with onCourse – you can structure your courses and classes in a way that suits your college. Like to organise and work with classes by term or semester? No problem. Want to classify classes by region or subject area? Easy. Need to separate tutors into those currently working for your college, those proposing new programs that haven’t run yet and those held in reserve in case a regular staff member is absent? Can do. We call it tagging. You call it running your college and interacting with your business critical data in the most efficient way possible.

Tags are also used to drive the navigation of your website, allowing you to classify classes and courses under multiple subject categories, regional locations or programs. This makes it easy to build your website navigation and manage your programs in the software, and only have to do it once.

But tags are more powerful than just grouping courses. The ‘arts’ course tag accessed via tutors shows all tutors who have taught arts classes. The same filter under students shows all students who have enrolled in classes from the arts category. Combine this with the ‘currently enrolled’ or ‘currently teaching’ filter and you quickly have a list of your staff or students by department.

Tags can be created to add any information to course, class, student, tutor or sites that can’t be captured in the existing database fields. For example, our music studio customers like to know what instrument their students specialise in, so they can add one or more instrument tag to their student’s record. The power of tags lies in both their ability to be hierarchical and applied multiple times e.g. you could group instruments by type and either look at all the student who play string instruments, or students who specifically play the violin. By applying tags multiple times, you can have students who play both violin and piano. Students who play this instrument will come up in the filter for either tag, or you could search specifically for students who play both violin and piano.

In conjunction with tagging you have the ability to create and save your own custom filters based on any of the standard information collected. Need to find the students who play piano who have ever enrolled in Musicology 101? Easy to do. And if you need to find this list of students often, save your filter so next time the results are available at the check of a checkbox.

If tags aren’t the answer for collecting extra information, you can also add additional custom fields to your contact records to record any extra information that you may wish to collect, like Student Visa numbers, Next of Kin and Emergency Contact Details, Licence and car rego details… anything you can think of! These fields become part of your database and can be searched are reported on also.

Image: Creating tag groups to classify courses into categories