Flexible Reporting

I want to know…

Starting with flexible windows, tag groups and sortable columns, onCourse has many fast find options so you can work efficiently with large data sets.

Your most common queries and searches can be saved in public or private lists within onCourse.

For the most simple exports, list view data can be copied and pasted into Excel.

When you need more detailed information, a range of standard reports are included in onCourse, with the added flexibility of customised reports available as you need them. You can create your own Jasper Reports to import into onCourse, or ish can create them for you.

With XML exporting as standard, producing hard copy brochures is a snap. Other export options allow you to get data of of onCourse quickly to use with the reporting tool of your choice.

Unlike other fully web-based enrolment systems, with onCourse you have complete control of your most important business resource and who has access to it. You have direct SQL access to the raw data in the database should you ever want to export it or produce your own reports.

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