Staff Management

Tutor wrangling at its finest

Quality teaching staff are key to your business success and coordinating a largely casual and mobile workforce needs sophisticated tools.

Inside an onCourse tutor record, you can see at a glance all their pertinent contact information, details of all their current, future and past teaching, a visual timetable including the ability to block out, or make unavailable, some of their teaching time on a once off or repeating basis, and a tutor resume or profile to use as part of your course marketing materials.

Don’t discount the marketing capabilities and loyalty followings some of your tutors may have. Used as part of the online course marketing information, a professional image and enticing professional history will inspire your students to learn from the best. Links from the online tutor profile will also show your potential students the other classes they are currently teaching.

An off site workforce also needs access to administrative information and you keep them from driving you up the wall… So ish onCourse has several ways to make your job easier and your tutors happier.

  • online login for tutors to see upcoming classes and give you feedback about any changes to the description of their course.
  • online process for tutors to approve dates, times and text of upcoming courses.
  • online (secure) class rolls and enrolment progress, so tutors can see at glance how many and who they can expect in their classes
  • permanent calendar feeds for their class schedules, so they can subscribe once and then access all future sessions you schedule them for.
  • integrated SMS and email functionality so that you can send a message to one tutor or all of your team with upcoming news, events and requirements.

Image: A tutor record in onCourse