User Interface

In onCourse, you can open and work with a range of windows simultaneously, with the added extra of drag and drop to bring data between windows. For example, if you want to assign a tutor to a class, you can type in their name (and the clairvoyant field will select it from the list) or you can drag them from the tutor window. With menus, quick key commands, and links to related pages within windows, you can always move between data quickly and efficiently. Layout your database with the windows you most commonly use, where you want them, at a size that is convenient for you – and onCourse remembers where you left them for the next time you open the program.

Phone, mail, counter and internet enrolments are a breeze in onCourse

Taking enrolments quickly and easily is at the core of ish onCourse. Developed in conjunction with colleges who process tens of thousands of enrolments per year, the enrolment engine makes it a easy to satisfy customers on the phone or in person by giving them information quickly. Using clairvoyance means you can quickly search for and enrol past students plus look up your courses and classes without having to remember internal codes or dates. If a student is new to your college, you can also create a new student record for them from this screen.

The Quick Enrol screen allows the operator to enter all the relevant information in one view:

  • find or add one or more students
  • edit student details if they are incorrect or incomplete
  • find one or more courses
  • display the range of dates, locations and availability for each course
  • open the class detail screen to confirm class particulars with the student
  • enrol the selected students in the courses in any combination
  • allows for discounts and promotional codes
  • take the payment
  • process the credit card directly through ish onCourse through a merchant gateway
  • onCourse does not store the student’s full credit card number. This is very important in order to achieve accreditation with banks and credit card acquirers
  • If you do have ongoing students, there are ways to set up periodic payment schedules directly within the banking gateway

The system manages the invoicing in the background, sends confirmations to students and an invoice to the payer automatically by email. Naturally students are prevented from enroling in the same course twice and strict maximum enrolment numbers are enforced. Credit card payments are processed automatically in real time, however if your internet connection is down the operator is given a choice to queue the payment for later (automatic) processing.

All this functionality integrates seamlessly with your ish onCourse website. Enrolments, payments and students are synchronised continually between ish onCourse and your website.