onCourse services and web site pricing

At ish we contribute to open source communities, we make our source code available and we expose the inner workings of our development processes. We also like to be open and honest about our pricing rather than hiding it behind "call us for details". The first part of the pricing is for the onCourse software itself, the second part if you want a website which tightly integrates with onCourse and the last part gives you a summary of some additional services we can provide.


Choose your software features and support level
Ideal for small training organisations just getting started. Our most popular plan. Perfect if you want all the features onCourse has to offer. A customised plan crafted for your needs.
light$190per month professional$490per month enterprise$990per month Ultimate negotiable
User client licenses
User client licenses : The download version of onCourse allows as many simultaneous administration users to connect as you like, limited only by the speed of your network and server. The cloud managed solution includes one concurrent user, with additional concurrent users available for $120 per month, per user.
unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Enrolments per year
Enrolments per year : Use onCourse to process 100 enrolments per year or 100,000.
unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Software download
Software download: The onCourse client and server software can be downloaded, installed and managed in your environment by your IT staff. You are responsible for your data security, backups and upgrades. No servers or IT staff? A managed cloud solution is also available.
Cloud: The optional managed cloud solution includes data centre hosting, 24/7 server monitoring, offsite backups and automated upgrades. One concurrent user connection is included in all paid onCourse support plans, with additional concurrent users available for $120 per month, per user.
Upgrades: Unlimited product upgrades are available during the life of your contract. Release candidate testing process also available, prior to each upgrade.
AVETMISS export : onCourse supports the AVETMISS export flavours for every state in Australia.
Traineeship reporting
Traineeship reporting : Class by class or single student exporting and reports for traineeships
Integrated email
Integrated email : Send as many emails as you want to students, tutors and other contacts at no cost.
SMS : onCourse is able to send SMS directly to the mobile phone of anyone in the system, either one at a time or in bulk.
15 cents each 13 cents each 11 cents each negotiable
Live credit card processing (including refunds)
Live credit card processing (including refunds) : If you choose to link to your existing credit card merchant account you can process payments and refunds from directly within onCourse. This processing fee is in addition to whatever charges your bank may impose. It is not charged for enrolments you take through an onCourse website.
45 cents each 50 free per month
then 42 cents each
100 free per month
then 39 cents each
Student & tutor portals
Student & tutor portals : Give your students and tutors access to their timetables, attendance marking and communication tools
Attendance marking
Attendance marking : The attendance module in onCourse allows you to mark the role for tutors and students, including through an online portal for mobile phones and browsers.
Membership : Create and sell memberships to allow special discounts or varied pricing for individuals or employers and their staff
USI Verification
USI : Integrate your AUSKey and verify student USI details in real time
USI & AVETMISS student portal
USI & AVETMISS portal : Send all enrolling students a link to complete the USI and AVETMISS student questions electronically, on a mobile phone, tablet or in their desktop browser
Advanced authorisation control
Advanced authorisation control : All users of onCourse have their own login password. This feature allows you to define what specific part of the system they are allowed to access, including integration with your LDAP directory. You can control what they can print, which records they can view, and which they can edit, add or delete.
Budgeting : Line by line define, track and manage the associated costs of each class and monitor profitability as each enrolment is processed
Vouchers : Create gift certificates, product packages and many other type of vouchers
VET Fee HELP : All your reporting requirements around courses by application and the government reporting needed to use the VET Fee HELP system
Workflow and scripting
Workflow : Create your own automated scripts inside onCourse to automate workflow processes particular to your business, like sending automated messages and running reports based on database events or dates
Payroll : Set tutor rates, assign tutors to classes, confirm attendance and variations ready for processing through your payroll software
MySql or Microsoft SQL options
MySql or Microsoft SQL options : Use either the built in Derby database or your choice of MySQL or Microsoft SQL backend
Access to source code
Access to source code: The Java source code to the onCourse client and server applications for your own peace of mind should something befall the ish team, or for your own code review and enhancement.
Support : Go beyond the software with personalised access to the team that designed and built it.
training.gov.au data updates
training.gov.au data updates : Daily data feeds built into the software so you'll always have the information you need to build your courses and report your data
User documentation
User documentation : Our comprehensive documentation of the product. Available to read or in editable form so that you can customise it for your own needs.
pdf & web pdf & web pdf & web pdf, web & editable source
Custom reports
Custom reports : Templates and open source tools available for editing existing reports or creating your own.
self service or quote self service or quote self service or quote self service or quote
Support : You will have access to the onCourse experts, from first level "how to" support, through to technical staff, onCourse designers and developers for particularly tricky issues.
Email only Email and phone Email, phone, web tracking portal. Priority support. Email, phone, web tracking portal. Priority support.
Designated support contacts
Designated support contacts : The number of contact people within your organisation who have direct access to the ish support team.
1 2 3 as required
Maximum response time (see SLA for details)
Maximum response time: Response times for requests logged via our support portal
5 days 2 days 1 day from 2 business hours
Account manager
Dedicated account manager: Your own personal point of contact with the ish team, giving you access to developers, support engineers and the product manager of onCourse. You can receive regular SLA reports.
Marketing support
Marketing support:Analytics and marketing support, assisting you with copywriting, interpreting website analytics and helping you to achieve your optimal SEO.
3rd party product integration
3rd party product integration: Whether you require live reporting, daily emails with key figures or any other business intelligence from onCourse that will be exported to another system, our engineers are able to devise an automated process for your needs.
Managed hosting
Managed hosting: Have the ish technical team look after your onCourse installation, backups, upgrades and ongoing maintenance in your data centre or ours.
Custom contract
Custom contract: Modification to the standard ish onCourse EULA and/or compliance with additional contractual obligations.
Custom feature development
Custom feature development: When onCourse does not quite everything you need it to, we can build new or additional functionality to meet your specifications

For our free community plan, click here.

The purchase of an onCourse support plan is required prior to, or in conjunction with, the purchase of an onCourse website.

All our plans are renewable annually, so the only obligation you have is 12 months at a time. You can pull out and take your data from the onCourse SQL database at any time. Payment for a full year in advance gives you a 15% discount. Monthly payment is available via credit card direct debit only.

onCourse is available as either locally downloaded software, or managed cloud service. All support plans include one concurrent user license for cloud services, with additional concurrent user licenses available for $120 per month. A transition process is provided to or from the download version to managed cloud service.

Full terms and conditions are outlined in the onCourse End User Licence Agreement.


onCourse Website

Choose how busy your website will be
Small colleges who need only minor website customisations. Ideal for users who require more flexibility. Perfect if you process quite a few online enrolments. Our lowest transactional fees for larger colleges.
base features
starter$0per month standard$285per month premium$480per month platinum$930per month
Course & class updates
Course & class updates : Automatic updates from your onCourse database to your website with every change you make
Statistics : Included is free integration with Google Analytics, including the integration of ecommerce data so that you can discover exactly who is browsing your site, who is purchasing your products and where they all came from.
SSL Certificate
SSL Certificate : We will create, sign and deploy an SSL certificate for your site, valid for 99.9% of all browsers. This is one part of the process which ensures that your online enrolments are secure and our servers pass the all important PCI DSS credit card security standards.
Domain name hosting
Domain name hosting : Included in every website hosting plan is the hosting of your domain name.
Offsite backups
Offsite backups : All websites are backed up in multiple ways. Firstly the database is replicated in real time to another server within the data centre. Secondly, snapshots a are taken of the website design and content each time it is deployed (using the excellent ZFS snapshot functionality). Finally the design, content and database are copied offsite each night over an encrypted tunnel.
Maintenance & monitoring
Maintenance & monitoring : All plans include automated monitoring systems which check the availability of your specific website every 15 minutes. We ensure that the front page of your site returns a special tag, and if not, SMS and email alerts are sent to our senior systems engineers 24 hours a day.
Service Level Agreement (SLA)
Service Level Agreement (SLA) : This is the target website availability that ish onCourse infrastructure is designed to. We frequently exceed this uptime. For full details consult our service level documentation.
98% 99% 99% 99.5%
Monthly data transfer
Monthly data transfer : Each plan comes with an amount of bandwidth which you can serve out each month. Data exceeding this amount may be shaped to a lower speed.
10GB 40GB 60GB 80GB
Once-off website set up
Once-off website set up: This includes setting up your SSL certificate for taking online enrolments, assigning a static IP address to your site, ensuring that all your courses/classes/tutors and other information are synchronised from onCourse to your website, and processing a test transaction to ensure your bank account is linked properly.
$450 $450 $450 $450
Staging website
Staging website : A working space for developers to test out and deploy design changes
Branding and styling
Branding and styling: Almost every part of your site can be customised, through the CMS itself, using CSS and by editing the templates which generate the html. This means that your onCourse website reflects your brand, not ours. The simple styling option allows for only CSS customisation. The advanced styling lets you change anything you like. See our web design handbook for details.
simple advanced advanced advanced
Load balancing
Load balancing: Your website is served by multiple web servers and applications servers which are automatically adjusted to take up the load as it increases. This allows us to make your site more responsive and also more reliable (since the failure of a webserver is automatically handled).
variable costs
eCommerce Fee
eCommerce Fee : For purchases through the website, a percentage of the total fee is charged. This is charged as a percentage of the total cost (not just a deposit) for the classes, vouchers, products and anything else purchased, including GST. Your bank will probably also charge you a credit card merchant fee when the money hits your account.
6% 2% 1.5% 1%
Per online credit card transaction
Per online credit card transaction : For payments on the website, you pay this fee for each credit card transaction.
$1.10 85c 75c 65c

You can connect more than one website to the same onCourse data (eg to display differently designed sites, with different domain names, for different parts of your business). Second and subsequent sites (on equal or lower plans) are at a 20% discount on the monthly hosting fee.

The purchase of an onCourse support plan is required prior to, or in conjunction with, the purchase of an onCourse website.

All our plans are renewable annually, so the only obligation you have is 12 months at a time. You can pull out and take your data from the onCourse SQL database at any time. Payment for a full year in advance gives you a 15% discount. Monthly payment is available via credit card direct debit only.

Full terms and conditions are outlined in the onCourse End User Licence Agreement.


Additional Services

Optional extras

Need more? Talk to us today about what else we can offer you.


Get the most out of onCourse with customised training

  • Webinar remote sessions
  • Onsite customised training
  • Customised documentation
  • Analysis of your business workflow and needs

Managed installation

onCourse server hosting and management

  • Your data centre or ours
  • Application management and upgrades
  • Remote data backup
  • 24/7 montoring and SLA
  • Unix server, ZFS high reliability disk arrays and database management

Website implementation

Your brand, your way

  • Web designer liason
  • Site structure and architectural design
  • Design review and usability analysis
  • SEO
  • Browser compatibility testing
  • CSS, html and template implementation
  • Content and copywriting


Find and keep students

  • Website marketing and adwords
  • SEO
  • Content and copywriting
  • Facebook and twitter integration
  • Online marketing strategy development

Website management

A website is not just for Christmas

  • Content and copywriting
  • Facebook and twitter updates
  • Brand maintenance

Technical services

Streamline your backoffice

  • High reliability unix servers
  • Secure VPN remote access
  • Network security
  • Student computer lab management
  • File servers
  • Intranet
  • Email services
  • Remote backup
Contact us to discuss your needs 02 9550 5001 info@ish.com.au