onCourse Installation

What you will need to get started

Before you download anything it would be a good idea to check the System Requirements for onCourse to ensure that you can run it.

You will need to download both client and server. You will only need one server for your college, and you can connect multiple clients to the same server.

The client and server can be run from the same machine, or you can run the server from one machine and the client from another. Initially you might find it much simpler to do run both on the same machine, as the system resources consumed will grow with the size of the data, at a later date you may assess the performance and decide to move the server onto a separate dedicated machine for increased performance.

Database considerations

onCourse Server can be used with its built-in database, or for larger installations with an external database. You can choose between the following databases:

  • MySql
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft SQL Server

Most users should choose the built-in database option as it is by far the simplest and performs very well even for fairly large databases. The other options will require an Enterprise support plan from ish, and could be more appropriate if you already have existing database skills and infrastructure or have more advanced reporting and auditing requirements.

onCourse Server

Download the server version for your operating system. You can mix platforms within the one installation, so the server could be Linux, some clients Windows and others Mac. Or any other combination.

  • Double click on the server application to start it.

If this is the first time that you’ve run onCourse server, you will be prompted to either create a new database from scratch or run with a sample database. In either case you will be asked to choose a location to store the database. The location can be anywhere on your computer where you wish to keep the data and can be changed later. This data file will contain all your precious data you create using ish onCourse.

onCourse Client

The default username/password are both admin

Download the client for your operating system. You can put it on the same computer as the server or a different computer.

  • Double click on the client to run it.
  • The initial username is admin with password admin.
  • Click the on the arrow icon and click on “Find Server” button that appears, then click “login”.

If the last step failed, you will need to know the host name or IP address of the computer you started ish onCourse Server. If they are running on the same computer, you can use “localhost”. If the server is on another computer, it might have an IP address which looks like “”. You can find the IP address in “System Preferences > Network” on a Mac or “Control Panels > Network connections” under windows.