With our own professional web designer, ish can provide a polished result for your most important marketing tool. Our staff at ish will be able to take your existing branding or start from scratch to produce a look just for you.

In some cases, we need merely take your existing web site and apply the design to your new integrated onCourse site. In others, you may want us to work with you on marketing and design decisions. Or perhaps you have an existing designer you’d like us to work with. All these things are possible.

ish onCourse uses a ‘rich text’ system modelled on Textile. This allows you to add formatting to your text without understanding anything about HTML. You can quickly create bulleted lists, headings, add images and link to other pages or web sites.

In addition to the content driven from onCourse’s database of students, tutors and courses, you can upload ‘static’ pages. These pages form an essential part of your site: contact details, ‘about us’, enrolment conditions, descriptions of upcoming events, pages for specific industries, drop down menus and all the other elements of a modern easy to use web site. In addition, you can create a hidden password protected part of your site for tutors, your management board, or any other purpose you can think of.