Virus Protection

Astaro Virus Protection for Email and Virus Protection for the Web detects and block viruses in email and web traffic.

Astaro Virus Protection for Email

Astaro’s Virus Protection for Email application detects and blocks viruses in email traffic. It scans inbound and outbound email messages and email attachments carried over industry-standard email protocols (SMTP and POP3). Virus Protection for Email employs multiple detection methods and a database of over 100,000 virus signatures to ensure high accuracy and excellent performance.

Astaro Virus Protection for Web

Astaro’s Virus Protection for the Web detects and blocks viruses in files downloaded from the web. It scans all HTTP traffic and FTP downloads initiated from a browser.

Astaro’s Virus Protection for the Web also scans email messages and attachments from web-based email services such as MSN Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, and Google Gmail. Because these emails don’t go through the corporate email server, they are never scanned by conventional anti-virus packages. As more computer users utilize web-based email services in addition to or instead of corporate email accounts, scanning web traffic becomes critical to keeping viruses from infecting corporate networks.

Dual Virus Scanning Engines

Astaro provides an extra margin of safety by including two virus scanning engines in sequence. Virus detection technology and signature databases from the Astaro Anti-Virus Engine, and from the ClamAV Open Source project provide a double layer of protection. Signature updates from each of these engines ensure that new malware threats are identified and blocked as soon as they appear.

High Accuracy

Astaro’s Virus Protection for Email utilizes three independent detection methods to catch the widest possible range of viruses:

  • Virus signatures: Email messages and attachments are compared with known patterns contained in an extensive virus database.
  • Heuristics: Sophisticated rules detect patterns and behavior that resemble known classes of viruses.
  • Emulation: Suspicious code is executed in a protected environment, for example by unpacking archived files and by running scripts and macros.

There are no limits on the size of files scanned, the number of files scanned in parallel, or the amount of memory utilized for virus scanning.

Flexible Management

With Astaro’s Virus Protection for Email, virus signatures can be updated automatically as often as hourly.

Administrators can:

  • Select which file formats to block in email attachments.
  • Select text strings to use to identify unwanted messages.
  • Specify that messages with viruses should be quarantined for later evaluation or dropped.

Reports and detailed logs help administrators troubleshoot and identify patterns of activity.

Astaro’s Virus Protection for Email complements desktop anti-virus packages by providing a single point of control where newly-discovered viruses can be blocked quickly, before they infect the internal network.

Complete Coverage

Astaro’s Virus Protection for Email can open and scan more than 700 formats of archived and compressed files. Hackers and virus writers can not use obscure formats or complex archiving programs to sneak viruses into internal networks.

Embedded Mail Formats Supported

Mime, MS Internet Mail, MS Mail, MS Outlook 5, Mail TNEF, and others.

Media Formats Supported

SYS, EXE, ELF, Java, HLP, OLE2, Access, Shell, Perl, XML, CHM, REG, WSF, LNK, VBA, WordBasic, PIF, VBS, BAT, HTML (including JavaScript, VBScript), MIRC.

Archive and Executable Formats Supported

Astaro Virus Protection for Email can open and scan attachments in over 50 archive formats, including ARJ, GZIP, RAR, Tar, ZIP and CAB, and hundreds of packed executable formats.

Character Support

All ANSI and Unicode based character sets.


Virus Protection for Email and Virus Protection for the Web are optional subscriptions that are installed as part of Astaro Security Gateway Software and activated by a license key.