Support Overview

Check out the Astaro manual for help with Astaro’s features, and try some helpful tricks we’ve uncovered over the years:

  • General information about the Astaro functionality can be found here.
  • Commented technical documentation for Astaro is available here.
  • Astaro user forums are worth searching.
  • ish offers free basic support to get you up and running if you buy your license from us.
  • ish also offers paid support either charged by time spent or as an annual maintenance contract.
  • an announcement only mailing list to keep informed of the latest Astaro happenings.

If you have any further questions, please contact ish.

For current customers wanting to create a support case:

If you have an Astaro support question, and have a current Basic or Premium Maintenance subscription, please send an email to

Please be sure to state the following in your email:

  • your Company name
  • your own name
  • your License Key (which you can find on your ish Astaro support document). This license key will usually be 5 or 6 digits long, but in the case of older keys, it might be 3 or 4 digits only.
  • the version of Astaro you are using (eg 6.3)
  • details of your question or problem

We will liaise with Astaro on your behalf, and will endeavour to report back to you within 2 business days.

If your would prefer phone support from ish, please call our office during Sydney Business hours on 02 9550 5001.

If you have not purchased ishCare for your Astaro firewall, charges may apply for phone support. We will be happy to outline the details of these when you phone us.