Resource Scheduling

Keeping track of who is supposed to be where when can be a hectic task. Planning and programming for training to take place, while making sure the facilities and trainers you need are available often happens months in advance. Many of our customers rely on a part time or casual workforce to deliver training and the back-and-forth communication processes can be simplified using a integrated tool like onCourse.

Inside onCourse, sophisticated timetabling tools allow you to confirm room availability during your scheduling activities, taking into account classes already booked and external bookings or other room non-availabilities. Selecting tutors also takes their schedule into account and double bookings are clearly highlighted (but not prevented) in the timetable.

Once a class has been tentatively scheduled, the tutor can see it’s details and proposed timetable via their portal and confirm their availability or suggest changes to the timetable.

Once a class has been approved for enrolment, prospective students can see all the details of each scheduled session which might be at varying rooms or venues, and can subscribe after enrolment to an iCal feed for their outlook or other calendaring tool.

Real time, line by line budgeting lets you check at a glance the profitability of the class and if it’s feasible to go ahead with low numbers.

A range of printed room use and student timetables can be printed via the onCourse admin interface to hand out to coordinators and venue managers, clearly showing how many students are expected in each session of each class per day. Classes that have been cancelled automatically remove their schedules from the timetables. Visual overviews inside the software can let you see at a glance everything that’s happening in your training organisation today, this week or this month, making sure you always know where your people are supposed to be.

Image: A timetable view of a room for the week, showing scheduled classes and a room unavailability for training when the cleaners are present
Weekly view of timetable for a room