RTO Management Tools

Making sure our Registered Training Organisation customers can focus their time on promoting, selling and delivering their courses, rather than the dreaded paperwork that accompanies training, is of utmost to importance to us.

From the very outset, onCourse was designed in conjunction with an experienced RTO Manager. We’ve spent lots of time sitting in your seat – we’ve done dozens of audits and extensions to scope and many years of AVETMISS reporting. We make sure that compliance with the AQTF 2010 recording keeping is made simple with our software and provide additional user documentation specifically to assist with the audit process.

All the training.gov.au data is built right into onCourse and new data is automatically updated to your server daily, even in our community version. This means you’ll have all your qualification and unit of competency data to begin building your courses from the day you first download onCourse. With only the approved government data, there will be no typos in codes or names in your marketing materials, certificates or AVETMISS lodgements.

Managing the variations between students in a class is straightforward with onCourse. You can manage outcomes, reporting and certification on a class basis or student by student – whatever works best for you. Some classroom based students wish to be assessed by RPL? No worries. Need to provide end date extensions? Easy. Want to provide a different choice of elective to a couple of students? Simple.

We work with State Training bodies around Australia to ensure all variations of AVETMISS exporting around the country are kept up to date and we are constantly updating our code to include standards or validation changes. If you deliver traineeships, report funded training activity for specific classes or are required to report your whole of business delivery, we provide the export options you need.

Image: A class outcome window showing outcomes with varying results for all students
A class set of outcomes