Network Security

As businesses become more connected, the need for security and reliability becomes critical.

The internet is growing, and access to it is now both fast and cheap. Millions of businesses are enjoying the benefits of connectivity and instant communication. With connectedness and the exposure it brings, businesses must also consider security.

ish is expert in network security. We implement, remotely monitor and maintain highly robust virtual private network (VPN) tunnels, firewall systems and mission-critical servers. We have securely linked widely distributed customer offices together with high-speed, low cost DSL internet connections; enabling users hundreds of kilometers apart to interact with their colleagues as if they were working in the next room on a corporate LAN.

If you work from home or are on the road, you can link up to your office network through the internet with only a few mouse-clicks; then browse your office file servers, access your groupware and e-mail, or even have your phonecalls routed straight to your laptop using IP telephony. Plug in a headset and it’s as if you’re at your desk, your security is absolutely assured. Many of our customers are experiencing these things, right now.

Secure VPN connections also mean we can give you high quality support services right away – Apple Remote Desktop, VNC or SSH (the ‘secure shell’ command-line tool) will see us solving your problems from our offices in Newtown, while you are kicking back at your desk.

Our tools of trade

Commissioning ish to look after your security will bring some heavy-duty technologies into your business. We would combine our areas of expertise to produce ironclad protection for your network:

The Astaro Security Gateway

  • IPSec/L2TP
  • SSH
  • Kerberos
  • LDAP Directory Services
  • GNU/Linux
  • BSD Unix
  • Cisco IOS