Unix operating systems are some of the most mature and stable platforms available today.

We have a long history with Unix and Unix-like systems: we started working with Linux many years ago and moved onto OpenBSD, Darwin and FreeBSD more recently. These are all open source systems, allowing many thousands of experienced programmers to check and improve on the code.

This experience has proven very valuable in recent years to tie in with our long Apple association. With the move to OSX, Apple’s operating system now has a Unix-like core, built on FreeBSD and the Mach kernel. Integrating these technologies means we can provide our customers with knowledge and expertise unlike many other system administrators.

We use FreeBSD, Linux or OSX for file, web, mail and database servers. Stability and speed are far greater than on any Microsoft Windows system, and SSH terminal access makes these systems easy to administer remotely. So we can maintain your servers without delay and at minimal cost. ish builds extremely stable systems that require very little upkeep over many years.