The ish development team take on external programming jobs from time to time, in additional to our primary work on onCourse. Over the last few years we have built:

  • A proprietary system to connect Apple’s internal support ticketing system to the NSW Department of Education
  • A rostering system for the Superdome, specifically to help them deal with the workload for the Sydney 2000 Olympic games
  • An actor/voice artist talent management system in use by four different agencies
  • A system for managing pub bar takings
  • Software to create price labels for the David Jones food hall
  • Way back in 1994, the first online real-estate portal in Australia which incorporated user profiles, allowed sophisticated searching and automated emails, and many other features. After several years in production, the then manager of Di Jones Real Estate fled overseas with the company profits and the company was liquidated and reborn. However the old system was the most sophisticated on the market at the time.
  • The jobsworth project management system, released as open source software.
  • Many more interesting projects…

Since about 2002, the coding focus of ish has been on the education sector and our onCourse product. However we do continue to maintain other projects and implement completely new systems, so please contact us for further information and to discuss your needs.