Content management system websites

Drupal makes a powerful tool for creating customised, attractive and easy to use web sites.

At ish, one of our preferred tools for building small to medium websites is Drupal. One of the great advantages of such websites is that our customers can make their own changes and updates to their website quickly and easily, even for less-technical people.

In addition to public facing websites, we have also developed numerous intranets for our customers. These have included such information as staff procedures, policies, archival information, technical instructions and much more. The sky is the limit! Any information that needs to be kept and referred to can be documented on a Drupal website. By using a content management system, you have joint participation from as many staff as you choose, all able to edit and improve content. Access control, moderation and review processes are up to you. Furthermore with revision history you have a complete audit trail.

If you would like us to develop a public website or an internal intranet for you, please give us a call and we can discuss your needs.

Here are a few examples of recent public websites we have developed with Drupal. We can’t show you the private intranets created with the tool, but customers have included Carriageworks Theatre, Nick Scali Furniture and Sydney Community College.

Lahznimmo architects

The Recruitment Business
This site also has a UK version driven from the same backend and a custom module for showing job listings. It is simple but fit the project brief of being simple and inexpensive.

Tom Kime chef

Short and Sweet play festival

Century Venues

Enmore Theatre

Metro Theatre

Factory Theatre