Recording and reporting traineeships in onCourse is just like recording or reporting and other student undertaking VET study.

Inside onCourse, a traineeship is like a class for a single (or small group) of students, with it’s own set of units and training schedule. You can use the traineeship function to set up special ‘trainee only’ qualifications that you don’t usually offer as standard courses and classes, or you can go right ahead and use any existing VET course as a traineeship course.

Once your course is set up with the chosen units, you can then create the class for the trainee. The class can either be created in the usual way or as a custom class as part of the enrolment process.

Employer details can be captured and linked to the student’s record, an assessor chosen and the initial on site visits booked and scheduled into the calendar. Like all other students, trainees have access to the student portal to confirm details and communicate with their trainer/assessor. Contract IDs, once issued, can be recorded against the student’s enrolment record ready for reporting.

Post enrolment a training plan can be printed and supplied to the trainee and their employer. AVETMISS reporting for trainees is just as straightforward – select the student or class group, export and submit to the state funding body of your choice.

Image: Using the special traineeship functions to set up traineeship only courses and classes
Accessing traineeship functions