onCourse in Action

St George and Southerland Community College (SGSCC) is a large metro Community College based in Sydney. It is committed to proving a range a quality courses and programs.

The problem

SGSCC student management system was old and outdated and the school’s staff was bogged down with routine and repetitive tasks. Furthermore, staff business proesses were dictated by their current GLEP system.

The solution

onCourse created a modern, mobile and responsive website and course booking system as well as automating routine and repetitive tasks.

We offered staff comprehensive onsite training and troubleshooting sessions for the first 6-12 months after implementation in order to ease the transition to the new system and ensure every staff member was comfortable and confident with their new processes.

The result

Administration overhead was reduced and the elegant, easy-to-use website ranked highly in native Google search results and inspired students [both current and perspective to access courses, resulting in a jump in web traffic and registrations. We also migrated historical student data from GLEP into onCourse so that all information was in one place.